How To Always Have Photo-Ready Skin

Photo-ready skin

Selfies are literally a habit. We all either have a friend that takes a million selfies or we ourselves take a million selfies, and of course there is the frustration of getting the perfect lighting but more importantly having PERFECT flawless skin.

So what is the best way to PREPARE your skin to have that perfect photo with no filter? Here's the Get Flawless Skin photo-ready skin formula:

Cleanse + Pat + Consistency = PHOTO-READY SKIN


When you wake up in the morning you probably use the bathroom and then prepare to bathe or shower or get prepared to put some type of water onto your face (I hope). The first thing I do is take a nice long shower and I exfoliate and I be sure to remove all the dead skin cells from my skin. I always rinse with warm water and not scalding hot water. You want to make sure you use products with high quality ingredients that will not leave your skin dry or disturbed. Check out our best selling facial cleanser.

Pat the Skin

Patting your skin is important as you do not want to irritate the skin. Scrubbing or any unnecessary tugging on the skin can cause it to lose elasticity (the goal is to look as young as possible for as long as possible).

Consistency is Not For the Weak

Being consistent is the hardest part of anything. The hardest part is STARTING. Once you start and you feel how good your skincare feels and how proud you will be of taking care you YOU I promise you will be on a ROLL! Whether you wear makeup or do not wear makeup consistency applies to all. 

"Patting your skin is important as you do not want to irritate the skin unnecessarily."